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Spa Packages


This package is a perfect combination to begin balanced healing for your skincare and body. 

* Our soothing Swedish massage will begin to melt the stress away and will be followed by our beautiful

* Back to Basics facial. This facial will bring your skin to homeostasis by focusing on balancing the PH of your skin. It is the perfect pair in restoring your mind, skin, and body.

Package Price $179.99

(value if purchased separately  $200.00) 



Created to target those achy and sore muscles, that often cause problem areas in our body. 

* Our Therapeutic Massage will address these problem areas. 

* Harmonizing facial great for all skin types including sensitive skin. 

* It includes lip and eyebrows cleaned up with organic sugaring hair removal.

 You can walk out, ready to go to your next point of destination with total confidence and a peaceful spirit.

Package Price $231.99

(value if purchased separately  $257.00)


This package has been specially created for all our beautiful moms.

Either expecting mothers or any mom! 

Choose from either

* Back to Basics facial or our Harmonizing facial is best for you.

* Therapeutic or comforting Pre-Natal massage.

* Ending the day with a complimentary light meal

Package Price $204.99

(value if purchased separately  $227.00)



This is a perfect package for you and your sweetheart. It can be for you and mom, you and your daughter. You and your sister or you and anyone you want to share this package with.

* Two facials,

* Two Massage Therapy sessions 

* Two light meal is included to end the day with your loved one! (BYOB)

Package Price $500.99

(value if purchased separately  $556.00)


This is the perfect combination of spa services for that special man in your life that you would want to pamper and treat to a relaxing sanctuary. Our Hot Stone Massage will melt away all that stress away, followed by an amazing Harmonizing Facial.

* 90 mins Hot Stone Massage

* Harmonizing Facial  

* Complimentary light meal 

* Orange Blossom foot scrub 

Package Price $251.99

(Value if purchase separately $279.00)

Terms & Conditions

Gratuities are not included in the prices listed above. Please note that there is a 24-hour cancellation policy when scheduling any Spa Package. If there is a cancellation within the 24 hour period or failure to show up to a previously scheduled appointment, the package and all refunds will automatically be processed.

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