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My journey through the wellness and beauty industry!


I will like to begin by thanking you for visiting our website. Perhaps you are one of my close friends or family. Perhaps you are one of my long time clients or maybe you're visiting this site for the first time. Either way, let me introduce myself and share a little bit more about myself. I want to share with you my goals, my expertise, and why I do what I do. Most important why I love it! 

Ever since I was a little girl, I was very interested in making all kinds of potions with my mother's lotions, perfumes, and makeup.

Yes, I know!!! it's very typical of a little girl. However, this literally became a passion, and the desire to learn more and more never left my heart. I continued to explore more and more about the profession of Aesthetics, Wellness, and Body Mechanics.

This leads me to become an NJ License Cosmetologist at the age of 18 years old. I was very blessed to attend a High School that offered this vocational program. This gave me the opportunity to prepare for the NJ State Board of Cosmetology license exam. And so I reached my goal, the satisfaction was life-changing. I still remember praying to God and asking Him for an opportunity to obtain this license. 

My accomplishments at a young age were driven by the desire in my heart and that one day I would own my own spa. A couple of years later, after obtaining my cosmetology license, I found myself back in school studying to become a Massage Therapist. 

I am blessed to love my career and to improve someone's well being is greatly fulfilling. I am very grateful to everyone who gave me an opportunity at the beginning and throughout my career. 

I welcome you to be a part of this dream and walk this journey with me. 

Our Philosophy

It is not a secret that human interaction can be quite challenging. Life is constantly changing and adapting. Our goal is to meet and excel in your wellness needs to the best of our abilities. Everlasting Haven Spa and Wellness Studio are committed to building a reputation for quality Aesthetic & wellness services. To provide you a space of tranquility and peaceful escape.  

My promise is to always give you my 100% each and every time you come in. Looking Forward to seeing you soon.

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