A Space Created for You 


Our Relaxing Waiting Area . . . come in, have a seat, and take a moment to breathe and enjoy your time


the trickling sound

of our


water fountain

and relaxing music

Enjoy a cup of tea to soothe and warm your day
or enjoy a
a fresh cup of water to hydrate & refresh 
We welcome you!
Breathe away that stress, let us restore your energy and bring your body and mind to a balance. Here in our massage room, you will be able to leave your worries behind.
Have you been sugared yet?  . . . a safe and more effective way to remove unwanted hair for women, men and children, with the added benefits of removing dead skin cells and conditioning the skin.
Restore & Rejuvenate is our goal to a healthy skin . . . come and enjoy our professional skin care in our beautiful and calming facial room
Don't forget to stop our reception area and schedule your next appointment.